When we delve into your sacred story there is an exchange of gifts. You give me permission to call upon the most personal, true reflection of who you are – the template of your soul’s highest calling. The experience of opening a person’s Book of Life or Akashic Record is enlivening.

From our first meeting, I ask you to come with a specific intention when we open your Book of Life. This should be an intention that comes from a deep place inside of you, a question of significant magnitude.  During our session, we uncover past wounds and karmic patterns that may be unhealed and currently limiting you on this Earth plane. Often we call upon your ancestral guides and loved ones who come forth for greater clarity. I see the goodness first… your potential and your infinite possibilities through the lens of Divine Love and Divine Truth.

Seated Esther - Read Your Book of Life

The greatest healing power in opening your Book of Life is the discovery of your personal power. Contrary to popular belief, there is no destiny ordained from Above. You are the creator writing your own sacred Creation story. You are able to heal and recreate yourself in this life, right here, right now. There is only unconditional love and Divine support from this energetic plane when you come to realize that life happens for you, and not to you.

You become aware and then…





Mindfulness Meditation

Prior to our reading, I spend a considerable amount of time meditating and shifting into deeper layers of brain states in preparation to open your soul’s records.  A calmed nervous system and relaxed body is essential to reach deeper states of consciousness. Meanwhile, you need to prepare yourself as well, truly searching your soul for what you want to know about your life. This is a lifetime opportunity to go deep. If you aren’t certain what to ask, we can determine this together until you feel confident in how we will focus our time together. You then ask key questions about where you would like to move your life and set your intention.

I help you calm your brain; we watch your thoughts… this is mindfulness meditation. Then we access the sacred space in the heart… imagine a funnel that is channeling heart energy which is where the divine healing exists.

We close our eyes. You think about your intention while I go into my meditative state.


Opening the Book of Life

I say a prayer out loud for you to open your book of life. We call for Divine Truth, Divine Light. We call upon any Ascended Masters, Teachers, Deceased Loved Ones, Angels… Spiritual Guides who would speak to you.

I ask if there is any interference between space, and time in any dimension. And then I ask for your permission to open your Book of Life (Your Akashic Record).

It is at this time that you state your intentions out loud. This is where the energy shifts. You join me in a suspended state of belief. Like an altered state of consciousness.

Your Book is Open

Your Book of Life is Open

You become aware of your body and emotions. Together we observe and feel sensations, emotions, discomfort: we ask what this is about.

We ask questions related to your intentions for opening your Book of Life. With each answer, I ask to go deeper. I notice your body and emotions. Info may be clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizance.

You are “present” as you integrate the information coming through. If you are experiencing a healing, an emotion, an energetic sensation while receiving the truth or release of karmic pattern, ask that it release from all dimensions/planes/times and levels of consciousness.

Breathe in LOVE GRACE & FORGIVENESS and breathe out all energies that no longer serve your highest good until you feel it has cleared or the Guides advise that it has integrated. Breathe in grace and blessings three times.


We Close Your Book

When finished our session with sacred closure, thanking your Guides, the Keepers of the Book, for providing access to the truth and for facilitating the healing and guidance. And then we close the Book.

We return to our regular state of consciousness. Then we do a grounding meditation, we drink some water to regenerate. This process is exhausting and elating at the same time. You will feel the experience in your bones.

Together we review three awarenesses (action steps) that can bring you to your next stage of life.


At the end of our reading I will send you a recording of our time together. Many use this as a personal growth tool for months or years to come.

Let’s Talk

First is a 20-minute free consultation. This is where we should start. During that call we will decide if there is a need to move forward with a deeper conversation. After that we may decide to do a full 60 minute Book of Life Reading.

20 Minute Free Consultation

60 Minute Paid Consultation