As a professional writer, screenwriter and comedy actress, my quest for creative inspiration is endless. My Akashic Muse has repeatedly led me to discover a wellspring of new ideas and insights whenever I’ve entered the portal of the Akashic Field. This is our goal during an Akashic Muse session. Starting with your artistic endeavor, musical composition, story line, scientific project, or entrepreneurial idea, we set an intention and then explore higher dimensions of information and imaginary realms. New ideas, innovation, theories, and collective archetypes are downloaded from this energetic repository of collective memory and infinite possibilities.

The exhilaration of meeting your Akashic Muse and accessing this creative “flow state” is extraordinary!

Esther - Read Your Book of Life

I work with artists, writers, innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs, anyone who desires access to higher creativity, and breakthrough insights. The Akashic Field is the most abundant resource of ideas in the universe. It’s where you’ll discover your next great idea that may just change the world or at the minimum, alter the course of your life!

We become aware and then…





Mindfulness Meditation

We determine what our focus is for our time together. You ask key questions about your specific project and set your intention around what you would like to discover and/or create.

Together we calm your brain; we watch your thoughts… this is mindfulness meditation. Then we access the sacred space in the heart… imagine a funnel that is channeling heart energy which is where the divine healing exists.

We close our eyes. You meditate on your intention while I go into my meditative state, and access your particular Book of Life.

Opening the Book of Life

I say a prayer out loud for you to open your Book of Life. We call for Divine Truth, Divine Light. We call upon your Akashic Muse, Ascended Masters, Teachers, Deceased Loved Ones, Angels…  who would speak to you.

I ask if there is any interference between space, and time in any dimension. And then I ask for your permission to open your Book of Life (Your Akashic Record).

It is at this time that you state your intentions out loud. This is where the energy shifts. You join me in a suspended state of belief. Similar to an altered state of consciousness.


Your Book of Life is Open

You become aware of your body and emotions. Together we observe and feel sensations, emotions, discomfort: we ask what this is about.

We ask questions related to your intentions for opening your Book of Life. With each answer, I ask to go deeper. I notice your body and emotions. Now… we call upon your Akashic Muse to help us acquaint you with pathways to access higher creativity: the three C’s : Cognitive Alchemy, Creative Imagination, and Courage.

Cognitive Alchemy is the process where we transform negative thought patterns. Shining awareness onto the source of old karmic patterns transmutes lead into gold, illuminating new ways of seeing things. This dispersion allows for Creative Imagination to awaken. You learn to see things beyond the mind’s eye, accessing your vision and innovative solutions to problems. You will ignite  your capacity to imagine things that aren’t actually visible to you in waking life. Most importantly, the third C, Courage is where you learn and take risks beyond things that feel safe and comfortable. Without courage people don’t give themselves the opportunity to fail, and, they won’t ever truly reach their full potential. Your Akashic Muse opens the door to a safe realm to explore all options.


We Close Your Book

We finish our session with sacred closure, thanking your Akashic Muse, Guides, the Keepers of the Book of Life, for providing access to the truth and for facilitating the healing, guidance and creative exploration. And then we close the Book.

We return to our regular state of consciousness. Then we do a grounding meditation, we drink some water to regenerate.

Together we review the awarenesses and creative inspiration that you gleaned to bring your creative project to the next stage.


I will send you a recording of our session. Many use these tools for months or years after our session.

Let’s Talk

First you may want to book a 20-minute free consultation. During our call we will explore how an Akashic Muse reading and consultation may benefit your deeper creativity. After that we may decide to do a full 60 minute Akashic Muse Intuitive Reading customized specifically for your project. One session or Akashic Muse Coaching sessions available upon request.

20 Minute Free Consultation

60 Minute Akashic Muse Reading