This is an eight-part series of transformational coaching that we go through together. This is the most complete program I offer. I have spent many years developing this protocol. Whether it’s your personal life or business development, this transformational experience is intense, often times exhausting, and highly fulfilling. My guarantee is that you will make fundamental shifts and transform the way you experience yourself and the world. Your new lens lends itself to alignment with your dreams and highest potential. I provide in-depth feedback that you will use for years afterward.

There are exercises to practice in between our time of direct work together and email access to me where I support you in your new strategies. I leave you with a host of resources that you can refer to afterward. This is a life-changing series, of which I am particularly proud.

Esther - Read Your Book of Life


This is a complete Book of Life Intuitive Reading.

We open your Book of Life (Akashic Records,) and examine what we find there together. We calm your brain, watch your thoughts, and you state your intentions. You join me in an altered state of consciousness where we ask questions, examine your energetic life patterns, and appeal to your Ascended Masters and Spiritual Guides who come forth to heal and direct your path. At the end, we thank the Guides for their help and return to our regular state of consciousness. We review what we learned and prepare for the next session.



The things that are in the way of achieving our goals, desires, higher purpose must be identified and cleared. Some would call this “rewiring” our brains.  We go deep into your limiting beliefs and fears and face them head-on. Where did they come from? Why are they there? What are the origins? Often, we discover past life karma is at play. And then we use techniques that I have developed over the years to honor them and then heal. Seeing the gifts in the pain and wounding is essential to healing.  This clears the path to accessing a higher self.



This is where I guide you, teach you how to create your own visualizations, and meet your higher self and your inner child. We create customized visualizations so that you remember our lessons: it’s very easy to fall back into our old patterns. We’ll rewire the neural pathways. Your disciplined practice is required. Through guided visualization, energy work, we open your “third eye”, your heart chakra, your throat chakra, to tell the truth, clearing all of your energy centers, and transformation through creative and cognitive alchemy.

We explore your higher purpose and internalize what it is and what you need to do to continue to move forward toward that purpose.



I teach you how to access your own Book of Life. We go through some exercises where we find out what your strength is, how to access the Book of Life for yourself, how to develop your own intuitive abilities so that, rather than depending on me or any coach, counselor, therapist, reader, psychic, you become your own guide to accessing your higher source of knowledge. This helps you make decisions in any situation. This is how you truly re-write your Creation story and become the co creator of your life.

It’s really it’s like a self-guided empowerment tool.



It all comes together here.

We synthesize our work together and create an action plan for you moving forward. What tools have we developed specifically for you? What is your higher purpose? We’ve excavated your magnificent gifts and talents from a soul perspective, as well as Earthly realm. What are your karmic lessons learned?  What limiting beliefs and fears have been discovered and cleared away?  We look at your future with a dramatically clearer view having gleaned spiritual and practical tools. We have created a road map for your personal life and your business.

You are a new person. You have faced voices, barriers, demons through our work together. They are still lurking, but we now have techniques to  neutralize them, negate their power so you can progress forward with your new life. Your decision making will be clearer. The aperture for love is wider. Your confidence in life greater. Your vibration is higher and your soul is aligned with it’s purpose!



During our eight weeks together I provide you with the following feedback and tools:

  • A recording of each of our sessions
  • The Book of Life Workbook
    • Instruction
    • Readings
    • Exercises
  • A personalized, guided meditation (recording)
  • A personalized recording with my inights and guidance – made especially for you
  • The opportunity for a 6 month, and 12 month follow-up sessions (at a reduced price)


At the end of each of our sessions I will send you a recording of our time together. Many use this as a personal growth tool for months and years to come.

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First is a 20-minute free consultation. This is where we should start. During our call we can determine if Book of Life Transformational Coaching is right for you.

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Book of Life Transformational Coaching

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