By accessing, channeling, balancing, and manipulating the body’s natural energy centers, energy healing processes help support health.

Every aspect of the body is intimately connected, and that by connecting the subconscious and conscious, the whole body can be engaged to promote health and wellbeing. My energy healing combines powerful physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to enable your body’s natural healing processes.

All the world is energy and vibration.

In energy healing, the intention is to peel away the layers so the person’s true essence comes through enabling them to expand their potential. Illnesses and diseases begin in the energetic body before they infiltrate the physical body. If the amount of our life force energy is either blocked, excessive or deficient in a particular area, this is where “dis-ease” sets in. I look to the Chakras to tell me where and why the problem originated and work to move your energy through and out. The chakras are the seven major energy centers of the body that begin at the base of the spine and end at the crown of the head.

I am a certified Theta Energy Healer, as well, I have studied with Barbara Brennan Hands of Light, Jackie Kos Energy Healing, and have learned many other unique energy healing techniques with shamans and international energy healers.


At the end of each of our sessions I will send you a recording of our time together. Many use this as a personal growth tool for months and years to come.

Let’s Talk

First is a 20-minute free consultation to discover where your energy may be blocked and how energy healing may benefit you.  After that we may decide to do a full 60 minute energy healing session customized specifically for your health and well being.

20 Minute Free Consultation

60 Minute Energy Healing Session